Monday, September 1, 2008

YEA, We're home

Thanks be to God, He is good. Paul was a peach during the flight home on Saturday. He really couldn't have done any better. We're home now, and adjusting to both the time, the food (Paul had his first cinnamon roll today) , and the new family dynamics. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Boy is Ours!

Greetings all,
It is late Monday Night, and I'm in the stuffy business center of the Renaissance Hotel by the Olympic Stadium (yea, the one the US boycotted in 1980). What a fantastic day we had. We dropped off some final documents to apply for a passport for Paul, then headed to the Orphanage to pick him up. This was the hardest part of the day. He didn't want to leave the only life he has ever known, no matter how good we made it sound. We went straight back to the Hotel for lunch after leaving the orphanage. he was still quite suspicious (and not all the hungry). We took our afternoon nap (yes - he still takes naps) and it was almost as if I could read on his face "I really like these high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets). There is a very pleasant park just down the street, so after he awoke, we headed down there (stopping by the grocery store for some ice cream and treats). He is a good little walker, and he really liked the slides and the swing - although he wasn't up for the parallel bars (yes, they have parallel bars in the park). Back to the hotel for a swim, a shower and dinner (Apples, bread, and yogurt). I ran out to get a MacDoanlds for Amy and I. Thanks for all your prayers - they mean so much to us, and God has been so faithful. I thought today was going to be a lot tougher. Amy is doing an incredible job. I was trying to get him to drink something, I knew he had to be thirsty, but he didn't want the apple juice I got him in the sippy cup. She told me to pour it into a regular coffee cup (like he is used to drinking from - low and behold - he guzzled the whole thing down in 10 sec. flat.

I'm going to bed - I've got to go back with some more docs for the clinic tomorrow - Wednesday is his exam, Thursday - free day, Friday - U.S. Emabassy and home.

Grace, Peace, and Joy.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another God moment

As you can tell from the picture - Paul is all smiles and happiness. Well,the day didn't start that way. In fact, it was quite the opposite. We arrived at the orphanage on Monday morning anxious to see our new son. Well, he wasn't all that anxious to see us. We came just as he was having his morning snack, and the workers pulled him out of his group so that we could have some alone time. He wasn't engaging us, he was staring at the wall, and even crying a bit. His reaction to us was unsettling, even making us ask ourselves the questions "Are we doing the right thing?" "Has he been institutionalized too long?""Are we up for the challenge?"

We went to lunch and prayed, and asked that God be so kind as to show us that we are doing what He called us to! Boy did God come through! We came back to visit Paul that afternoon, and we felt like we were visiting a different child We played ball, puzzles, he was talking and engaging us, and laughing! It was fantastic, and a great confirmation to us that we are doing the right thing.

We went to court on Tuesday morning, and our adoption was approved by the Judge!

We head back to Russia on the 23rd, and return with Paul on the 30th of August. Thanks for your prayers for safe travel, provision, strength and smooth process of all of Paul's documents.

God is good.

God is good!

In case you have not heard, we're back from Russia and the court approved our adoption! God is so good. Thank you all for your kindness and prayers. They've meant the world to us.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Special story - God showed up.

I just wanted to let you all know that we're back home, anxiously awaiting our return to Moscow.

I wanted to share with you an amazing event that took place on Tuesday morning, the day we were getting ready to meet our son for the first time. When you are adopting, the experience is unique. There is a wonderful mix of fear, faith, concern, hope, anticipation and anxiety.

Amy and I were having breakfast in the "piano bar" of the casino that we were staying at. We were tired, on the other side of the world, wondering what we were doing. It was a big day. We felt alone in a strange county, distant from our family, and even distant from God. We bowed our head to pray for breakfast, and ask the Lord's blessing on our meal, and heard the piano player transition from some Broadway tune, to "As the Deer Pants for the Water" - a worship song that is near and dear to our hearts. He followed it up with "There is none like you"

What are the odds? On one of the biggest days of our lives, we happen to having breakfast in a piano lounge (instead of at the buffet) in a smoke filled Moscow casino, and the piano player (one of many that we say on our trip)happens to be playing worship music.

It was a God moment. The Earth is the Lords - from the O.C. to Moscow. God is everywhere, working all things together for the good of those who love him.