Monday, September 1, 2008

YEA, We're home

Thanks be to God, He is good. Paul was a peach during the flight home on Saturday. He really couldn't have done any better. We're home now, and adjusting to both the time, the food (Paul had his first cinnamon roll today) , and the new family dynamics. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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Hauswife said...

Hi, Amy,

I just heard that you met my girlfriend, Karen Yates, at Bible study this morning. Small world! CONGRATULATIONS on your new precious son, Paul! He's just adorable. God is so GOOD to match children from the other side of the globe with families like us, isn't He? It makes me weep every time I think about His glorious gifts.

I'll be praying for this transition season as you bond and learn how to be a family of four. I remember how very challenging and sometimes overwhelming it was for us. We had our one year familyversary in August and I cannot believe how beyond difficult and yet truly wonderful it was and how quickly it went by. I'm glad you found another friend in Karen to lean on and glean support from. She's pretty great at it. :)

Rich blessings on you, Rob, and your two little ones,