Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another God moment

As you can tell from the picture - Paul is all smiles and happiness. Well,the day didn't start that way. In fact, it was quite the opposite. We arrived at the orphanage on Monday morning anxious to see our new son. Well, he wasn't all that anxious to see us. We came just as he was having his morning snack, and the workers pulled him out of his group so that we could have some alone time. He wasn't engaging us, he was staring at the wall, and even crying a bit. His reaction to us was unsettling, even making us ask ourselves the questions "Are we doing the right thing?" "Has he been institutionalized too long?""Are we up for the challenge?"

We went to lunch and prayed, and asked that God be so kind as to show us that we are doing what He called us to! Boy did God come through! We came back to visit Paul that afternoon, and we felt like we were visiting a different child We played ball, puzzles, he was talking and engaging us, and laughing! It was fantastic, and a great confirmation to us that we are doing the right thing.

We went to court on Tuesday morning, and our adoption was approved by the Judge!

We head back to Russia on the 23rd, and return with Paul on the 30th of August. Thanks for your prayers for safe travel, provision, strength and smooth process of all of Paul's documents.

God is good.


John W said...

Robert & Amy: What a touching story that God would use the notes of a piano to remind you that He is there with you and confirm that His plan for little Paul includes you both and Gracie. I am praying God will continue to encourage you and bond you with Paul in a way that is unmistakably from heaven. What a precious little boy! Blessings to all of you!
John Williamson

camp h said...

We are so excited!!! Can't wait to see more pictures and to meet Paul soon! What a precious little boy he is! We are praying for you all! We love you so much!

Tante Liz